About This Website

Thank you for visiting.

As you can see, posts and pages are laid out for both Japanese and English readers. In most postings you will see a bi-lingual layout illustrating Japanese in the first half of the posting, and then followed by English.

Pages are separated by both languages. For each Japanese page, there is a corresponding English page. The English menu is at the top of the website. The Japanese menu is positioned just below the slider.

The slider (located near the top) does not show up on mobile phones. This particular WordPress template theme is scripted to remove the slider when displayed on mobile phones.

Overall this website will look fine in all the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Chrome) but looks best in Chrome.

January 1, 2018 this website was moved from the website giant GoDaddy.com to Powweb.com, because of the need for extended services and additional email assets.  As a result this website continues to be under construction as it grows and is constantly being revised.