MEMO-032911-A Phone 電話: 019-629-5878 Extension 内線番号: 5878,5881 FAX: 019-629-9124 E-Mail: 県庁道路環境課・維持グループ URL: Click Here                        


RRD-032811-A Supplies are short in Kesennuma, RikuzenTakada, Ohhunato (all in Iwate). Sendai city area seems to have been receiving enough supplies because Tohoku High way is now back to normal. Required supplies really differs depending on the area, so it is hard to specify but I heard they need powder milk (for babies), female hygine … Read more


MEMO-032611-A 場所;〒986-0204 宮城県石巻市北上町女川字大峯1「追分温泉」 電話;0225-67-3209 (現在つながらないようです) *公的施設ではなく、温泉宿 *目的地に行こうにも道路が寸断されており車では捜しにいけません。勿論、救援物資も届いていないと思います。 *山奥がゆえに携帯はつながらない、電気も復旧していないため連絡したくても電話が使えない。 Location; Miyagiken, Ishinomaki shi, Kitagami cho, Anegawa Aza Oomine 1 [Oikwake Onsen] Tel; 0225-67-3209 ( cant get through) *It is a Ryokan , not a registered shelter *It seems that road is blocked (need to be confirmed) *Out of mobile reception area, Power has been cut off Needs various … Read more


MEMO-032411-E Location : 宮城県石巻好文館高等学校 Address:宮城県石巻市貞山3丁目4の1 Tel 0225‐22‐9161 Principal :MsOnodara(小野寺 千穂子) They have only one meal a day ——————————————————— English Location: Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture Humiyoshi Tate Senior High School Address: 1 4 3-chome Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture Teizan Tel 0225-22-9161 Principal: MsOnodara (Onodera Tihoko) They have only one meal a day


RRD-032411-A 石巻市総合運動公園 (Ishinomaki shi Undo Koen) 石巻市南境字新小堤18番地 (Ishinomaki shi Minami Sakai Aza Shin Kodutsumi 18) TEL 0225-22-9111 8am till late ———————————————————————————- They look after 108 shelters Need: Food Batteries Paper cups / plates Nappies (Adult and Kids) Underwear ( especially for female) They have enough clothes and blankets


MEMO-032311-C Tokyo Government taking in refugees from Tohoku.   Supplies donated to the locations will be provided to these victims: Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM every day For individuals 東京都庁第二本庁舎1階中央「東北地方太平洋沖地震救援物資」受付窓口 〒163-8001 新宿区西新宿2-8-1 For corporation, organization and local government 京浜トラックターミナル「配送センター11号棟」受付窓口 〒143-0006 大田区平和島2-1-1 Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM every day For individuals Hiroshi Naka second floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building an “earthquake relief northeastern Pacific Ocean. … Read more


MEMO-032111-A Memo – Received by Rescue Japan Staff Member from her friend in Miyagi: I managed to get hold of a friend of mine in Aoba-ku, Sendai. He is a professor at miyagi Education University. His place is in the University campus on top of the mountain. *they have power, but no water and no … Read more


MEMO-032311-B   秋田県庁正面中央ホール 〒010-8570 秋田市山王4-1-1   TEL  018-860-1513 鹿角地域振興局総務企画部地域企画課 〒018-5201 鹿角市花輪字六月田1        TEL 0186-22-0457 北秋田地域振興局総務企画部地域企画課 北秋田市鷹巣字東中岱76番地1      TEL 0186-62-1251 山本地域振興局総務企画部地域企画課 能代市御指南町1番10号     TEL 0185-55-8006 由利地域振興局総務企画部地域企画課 〒015-8515  由利本荘市水林366番地    TEL 0184-22-5432 仙北地域振興局総務企画部地域企画課 大仙市大曲上栄町13-62      TEL 0187-63-5114 平鹿地域振興局総務企画部地域企画課 〒013-8502   横手市旭川一丁目3番41号   TEL 0182-32-0594 雄勝地域振興局総務企画部地域企画課 湯沢市千石町二丁目1-10   TEL 0183-73-8191 *Acceptable Items* New underwear (Both for men and women in different sizes) Clothes, socks, snowsuits (Has to be new … Read more


RRD-032311-A Delivery location:  Miyagki ken Kesennuma-shi Shitanda 94-1 KyuSeikaMarket Open 8am-8pm Tel: 0226-22-6600 Kesen Numa City office, Taisaku Honbu City office is looking after about 100 shelters, 15, 000 people; only 25% of the homes have power. They mainly need Food and Toiletries. He said Kawakuwa-cho and Motoyoshi-cho are far away from the centre so … Read more


RRD-032211-A Spoke with Sendai city which is looking after approx 100 shelters in Sendai shi they work as a hub for all the shelters in Sendai shi They need – Tin food – Ready to eat food / rice – Instant noodle – Cling wrap – Wet tissue – Toilet papers – tooth brush – … Read more