Update-031712-A, Kesennuma Relief program
Rescue Japan along with GPOP NPO, took a trip into Kesennuma.we took in 9 volunteers to help out. GPOP organised Massage and Healing event at   Akaiwa Makinohara temp housing community. Meanwhile Rescue Japan were distributing AID to 8 temp housing. Which is below.

The members of GPOP provided healing support for the victims in Kesennuma.


*Kesennuma Gymnasium (K-WAVE) 80 Families

Soaps= 10 boxes, Toothbrushes=3 boxes  Hand sanitizers = 20 boxes
気仙沼総合体育館(ケー・ウェーブ) 80世帯
石鹸=10箱 歯ブラシ=3箱 消毒用ハンドジェル=20箱

*Matsuzaki-yanagisawa, 16+8Families
Soaps= 16 boxes, Toothbrushes= 3 boxes  Hand sanitizers = 24 boxes
松崎柳沢 16世帯+8世帯
石鹸=16箱 歯ブラシ=3箱 消毒用ハンドジェル=24箱

*Kesennnuma-Jhonan Junior high school, 70Families
Soaps= 24 boxes, Toothbrushes=4boxes  Hand sanitizers = 20 boxes
気仙沼条南中学校 70世帯
石鹸=24箱 歯ブラシ=4箱 消毒用ハンドジェル=20箱

*Komaba Park, 20Families
Soaps= 20 boxes, Toothbrushes=1 boxes  Hand sanitizers = 20 boxes
駒場公園 20世帯
石鹸=20箱 歯ブラシ=1箱 消毒用ハンドジェル=20箱

*Taya Park, 20Families
Soaps= 21 boxes, Toothbrushes= 1 boxes  Hand sanitizers = 20 boxes
田谷公園 20世帯
石鹸=21箱 歯ブラシ=1箱 消毒用ハンドジェル=20箱

*Goemongahara playing ground, 170Families
Soaps= 50 boxes, Toothbrushes= 8 boxes  Hand sanitizers = 170 boxes
五右衛門ヶ原運動場 170世帯
石鹸=50箱 歯ブラシ=8箱 消毒用ハンドジェル=170箱

*Kesennuma Junior high school, 85Families
Soaps= 55 boxes, Toothbrushes=4 boxes  Hand sanitizers = 160 boxes
気仙沼中学校 85世帯
石鹸=55箱 歯ブラシ=4箱 消毒用ハンドジェル160箱

*Omose Freai Temp housing, 14Families
Soaps= 14 boxes, Toothbrushes=1 boxes  Hand sanitizers = 14 boxes
面瀬ふれあい仮設 14世帯

石鹸=14箱 歯ブラシ=1箱 消毒用ハンドジェル=14箱