Rescue Japan Crew


Dwayne Wayne is an American currently living in Japan, who within 3 days after the March 11th Earthquakes of 2011, created Rescue Japan non-profit emergency relief organization. He received letters from Tohoku officials in various cities for his work there. He is a radio producer who most of his life worked in radio broadcasting and technology. It was Hurricane Katrina (in America, 2005) that gave him his first experience in relief work. By 2011 he knew exactly what to do to get aid into shelters throughout Tohoku, by partnering with other local NPOs. During his interview in August 2011 featured in Metropolis Magazine, he revealed the challenges most small charity organizations face. Dwayne is deeply committed to charity relief programs that aid earthquake victims in Japan. His background is in technology and broadcasting. his technological skills are wide and vary from hardware support to backend website support. His broadcasting background derives from the American broadcast industry winning him multiple awards in radio production, engineering and on-air broadcasting. He currently holds the trademark on the radio show “Party Radio Japan” which airs weekends at 12 noon on 89.7 FM, since 2019.





Momoko Onodera was actively involved in the 2011 Relief program to help earthquake victims in Tohoku. She remains the VP of Rescue Japan currently. Her experience with the Tohoku relief program gave her inside perspectives on many areas of aid distribution and she helped the organization to overcome many challenges it faced. Originally from Yokohama, She currently resides in Kanagawa with her family.








Mike Connelly is currently actively involved in charity work while maintaining a fulltime job. He’s is one of the admins for the Facebook group Foreign Volunteers of Japan, which aids in delivery projects, and coordinates the group. He used to drive from Tokyo to volunteer and support the ‘SaveMinamiSoma’ project. He was actively involved in the Rescue Japan cook out events held in Iwake city and Soma city. His background is in human rights and refugee issues, and has a master’s degree from Teikyo University in Hachioji with a thesis focused on the civil rights struggles of ethnic Koreans in Japan. Before joining the tsunami relief efforts in Tohoku, he has worked on war relief in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Previous work: Project Developer at ハビタット・フォー・ヒューマニティ・ジャパン / Habitat for Humanity Japan.







Midori Inoue is a film maker living and working on Japan. You can see her accomplishments on the IMDB movie database. She was an important part of the Rescue Japan team that made countless trips into the Tohoku region. Volunteered in various tasks including being a translator to the international crew that assisted the Rescue Japan crew. Midori is from Yonago, Tottori in Japan and currently lives and works in Tokyo. She studied at Senshu University with a major in international studies. She currently assists Rescue Japan with emergency relief tasks.









Eri Nakamura has been assisting Dwayne in various projects for 2 years and is an integral part of the Party Radio JapanⓇ(a FM radios how) project. She is assisting the Rescue Japan group in various social media functions to keep team members updated by acquiring disaster relief information from the government as we plan our relief program. Eri is from Kyoto and not only works as translator in different medias including TV, but also currently running a business offering self-motivation and communication coaching programs which includes English learning methods. She is a former intern at UN office in Tokyo, and has graduated from Sophia University majoring in English literature. Her interests are in traveling, interior design, and holistic medicines.








このクルーは、何度も何度も東北の救援活動やチャリティー活動に重要な役割を果たしてきた。This crew has been an important part of Tohoku relief and charity activities time and time again, and I cannot be more proud of them. 

–Founder and Director of Operations, Dwayne Wayne