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Volunteer Registration


Rescue Japan is accepting volunteers for the recent earthquake recovery-cleanup operations in the Ishikawa prefecture. Please register below for consideration with one of these projects. Rescue Japan and affiliate NPO/NGO groups can get you started.

Foreign Volunteers, please note the following:

  • Rescue Japan can only work with domestic volunteers. It has been a strict policy since the beginning. There are other groups who do work with foreigners traveling to Japan to want to help. But our services and relief programs are only designed to include foreign volunteers who are residents in Japan.
  • All volunteers who apply to work with us must maintain Government issued ID, and up to date health insurance.
  • Our volunteers when in the disaster area must carry an emergency contact card with them at all times. We show you how to attach it to yourself for safe keeping while volunteering in a disaster zone using a water proof wallet-packet. The card we issue has a QR scanner that brings up your emergency info which we can access via a secure cloud. All of our field supervisors can access more detailed information to share with authorities should something happen to you in the field. 
  • Generally we do not take volunteers into a disaster zone if you are an only child. It’s the same as the military rule. Please state this on your volunteer application. There is other work you can do to help, but not in the disaster zone. 

If you are ok with everything listed here, please proceed and send us the information requested below. An thank you. We cannot stress enough how much your service means to the people of Japan.

Volunteer Application:

    * Please note that may be additional information require if your application is accepted.

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