Rescue Japan joined GPOP to host a Christmas Party in Iwaki for the victims of the Onahama and Yotsukura area. They traveled from their temporary housing units to the Fujima Junior High School.

A little over 650 people came out to enjoy a Christmas celebration on December 24th, where GPOP and Rescue Japan arranged to have food, gifts, kids drawing boards, a 4 meter Christmas Tree, tons of chicken donated by Family Mart, tons of supplies like diapers, hand soaps, sanitary gels, kids clothing, toothbrushes, and shavers and finally a splashing performance by Japanese artist Sunplaza Nakano Jun.

It is days like this one that make Rescue Japan very proud to be apart of a relief program that puts smiles on the faces of earthquake victims. It is a unique relief program that doesn’t just give away Aid supplies, but ensures an atmosphere of uplifting spirits and energy to help people cope with the reality of their changing world.

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Items Distributed:

25 Boxes of Large Boy Diapers
25 Boxes of Large Boy/Girl Diapers
25 Boxes of Medium Diapers
25 Boxes of Small Diapers (infant sizes)
100 Boxes of Baby Wipes
133 boxes of Hand/Body Soap (3×6 per unit)
200 Boxes of Sanitary Hand Gels (4×24 per Unit)
800 Toothbrushes (11 Boxes)


男児用おむつ(大) 25箱

男女両用おむつ(大) 25箱

おむつ(中) 25箱

おむつ(幼児用) 25箱

赤ちゃんおしりふき 100箱

ハンド・ボディーソープ(各3×6個) 133箱

手の消毒ジェル(各4×24個) 200箱

歯ブラシ 800本 11箱

Diaper are provided by Proctor and Gamble, Japan
Toothbrushes, Hand/Soaps and Sanitary Gels are provided by Hills/Colgate Co. Japan

おもつはP&G Japanの提供によるものです。