TEAM HEART SAVER for Kessenumma Delivery
This is a report from their last delivery – visiting 8 temp housing communities in Kessunuma as well.

2/16/2012 Delivery Item Listing:

The goods requested for their delivery are:

★ Glutinous Rice Cakes
– Rice
– Instant Rice
– General Microwavable food
– various canned or bottled foods
– Sweets
– Dried or preserved foods,
* All with a shelf life with at least 6 months remaining.

★ daily consumables
– Toothpaste, toothbrushes
– Shampoo and conditioner
· Laundry detergent
– Kitchen detergent
– Soap
– Saran Wrap, aluminum wheels
– Toilet paper, tissue paper <
– Plaster, swab


They are working in cooperation with GCEJRAM

Their Sendai-based partner is located at:
一般社団法人 東日本復興支援機構

“General Corporation East Japan Reconstruction Assistance mechanism.”

1-30-14 Minaminakayama
Izumi-ku Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture


Rescue Japan will assist in assessing how families with infants are in the temp-housing locations they speak of in this request, determine if the families need the diapers we have in storage from P&G, also determine what other items we have on hand they can use for this March 3rd and 4th scheduled delivery, and assist in transport if necessary.  In the meantime an emergency transport will depart from Tokyo Thursday February 16th to deliver emergency priority items from the list above.  The transport is scheduled to go directly to the Temporary housing community in question in Kesennuma.