The “Save Minami Soma” Project (SMS) went into Fukushima to provide Aid support to about 630 people Sunday morning. Rescue Japan will meet with them at Kashima then proceed to the neighborhoods where Aid will be passed out to the Earth Victims. 

Save Minami Soma(SMS:南相馬を救おう)プロジェクトは約630人の人々に支援品を届けるために日曜日の朝に福島件に入りました。レスキュー・ジャパンは鹿島町にて被災者の人々と会った後、支援が配給されるその近隣もまわりました。

Items that SMS is bringing: (2nd harvest) Noodles, rice, bottled water vegetables and fruits

SMSが届けた支援品: 麺類、米、ボトル飲料水、野菜、果物

Rescue Japan:
Hand Sanitizers (Hills/Colgate) Approx. 160 boxes – 24 pkg per box, 8 tubes per pkg. (1 pkg per person),
Toothbrushes (Hills/Colgate) Approx. 629 units (1 per person),
Body Soap (Hills/Colgate) Approx. 663 units (3 per household)


手の消毒液(Hills/Colgate) 約160箱(1箱あたり24個入り8本入り、 1人あたり1個配布)

歯磨き粉(Hills/Colgate) 約642個 (1人1個配布)

ボディーソープ(Hills/Colgate) 約663個 (1家庭3個配布)

In Kashima is where they met with the SMS project people and other volunteers to have a brief meeting before going into the housing communities. From there they visited 3 housing communities and passed out all of the Aid to 629 people spread out over 3 neighborhoods who were waiting for the Aid. The mission was a success.