MEMO-031112-A – “SILENCE”

More than 3700 people gathered for a moment of silence on Facebook today to commemorate the 11 year anniversary of the Higashi Nippon Tsunami and Earthquake of March 11th 2011.

The event started 2:46pm where participants where ever they are would stop for 11 minutes of Silence to remember the earthquake victims.  Facebook gathered about 3700 people RSVP’d to participate in this event at the moment it started. A amazingly people were still joining the event after it was over to show their support along with posting their thoughts on the event page wall.

The event page on Facebook:!/events/135847496538265/

“…This was a momentous occasion. I cannot thank you enough for participating in this moment of Silence.
Thank you so much. Nothing to can replace this feeling I have for Japan and the motivation I have to move forward and continue our support in Tohoku. I especially thank the people who are up to their knees in mud and trash everyday during the clean up operations in the north. You guys are the best! “–dwayne wayne Founder of Rescue Japan