Rescue Japan staff went to the Yunuki Temporary housing community in Soma city in Fukushima November 23, to host a cook-out event for the residence there. RJ volunteers prepared Yakitori and veggie shish-kabobs, and showed the residences a new dish they had not ad before… grilled fajitas. RJ volunteers topped off the evening by preparing waffles … Read more

Things that are still happening

FROM (image courtesy Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters) I really didn’t know what to say about the one-year anniversary of the quake and tsunami. At 2:46 on March 11th the entirety of Japan apparently came to a standstill. From Shibuya crossing to Rikuzentakata, everybody just stopped what they were doing, whether they were in a grocery store or … Read more

MEMO-031112-A – “SILENCE”

More than 3700 people gathered for a moment of silence on Facebook today to commemorate the 11 year anniversary of the Higashi Nippon Tsunami and Earthquake of March 11th 2011. The event started 2:46pm where participants where ever they are would stop for 11 minutes of Silence to remember the earthquake victims.  Facebook gathered about 3700 people RSVP’d to … Read more


Earth Day Market Rescue Japan is supporting the Earth Day Market program spearheaded by Fukutobiren who sells products made in Fukushima to Tokyo residents and sends the profits back to merchants in Fukushima. This program is designed to stimulate the economy in Fukushima. Links: Fukutobiren (福飛連)   We were contacted by a member of … Read more


Ref# RRD-110411-A AID DELIVERY Transport Record RRD-110411-A Toshihiko Fujita – 〒986-2135, 宮城県石巻市渡波黄金浜108-1, Miyagi ken Ishinomaki Shi Watanoha Koganehama 108-1 Koganehama Community Center The Supplies are for the Kazuma Kindergarten School in Ishinomaki.� 石巻市立鹿妻小学校  986-0043, 宮城県 石巻市, 鹿妻北2丁目2-1(photos below) Letter from one of the volunteers in Ishinomaki, Mike Connolly: “…Mr. Fujita’s doing awesome work. He’s really been a role model. … Read more


This is a great organization helping women of Tohoku 以下のリンクは、東北の女性を支援している素晴らしい団体です。


MEMO-052211-A Rescue Japan, Tokyo Recent Rescue Japan Activities Hello everyone: Thank you for your continued support for the Rescue Japan initiative. I wanted to post the info from our trip a few weeks back. And update you all on what’s been happening in recent events. Today (Sunday May 22nd) we delivered food to a Youth … Read more


MEMO-050211-A A brief memo on my trip to Miyagi for the last week of April: My trip to the coastal areas of Miyagi was… eye-opening and shocking. Things are still way worse out there than I imagined. I thought Miyagi was recovering faster. Iwate still seems to be worse, but Miyagi’s road to recovery is … Read more