Ref# RRD-110411-A AID DELIVERY Transport Record RRD-110411-A Toshihiko Fujita – 〒986-2135, 宮城県石巻市渡波黄金浜108-1, Miyagi ken Ishinomaki Shi Watanoha Koganehama 108-1 Koganehama Community Center The Supplies are for the Kazuma Kindergarten School in Ishinomaki.� 石巻市立鹿妻小学校  986-0043, 宮城県 石巻市, 鹿妻北2丁目2-1(photos below) Letter from one of the volunteers in Ishinomaki, Mike Connolly: “…Mr. Fujita’s doing awesome work. He’s really been a role model. … Read more

UPDATE 08022011 Diapers おむつ配達

P&G’s diapers reached to the people who needed them the most! A nursery in OSHIKA in Miyagi reopened recently and is now looking after 27 children. We delivered diapers in all sizes…. P&Gさんからご寄付いただいたおむつを最も必要とする方にお届けできました!宮城県牡鹿にて再オープンした保育所。27名の子供たちをお世話しています。    

RRD 072211

Location 1. 〒960-2158 Fukushima-city, Yamada Aza Kamib 8-3 福島市山田字神場8-3 Mr Ozaki (he looks after the victims in temp and gov housing) Tinned Food, Cup Noodle, Dried Noodle 缶詰、カップラーメン、乾麺 10L Water 10リットルの水 (rescue japan has some stock) Surgical Masks for kids子供用マスク Nappiesオムツ((rescue japan has some stock) Baby Wipeお尻ふき(rescue japan has some stock) Washing Detergent 洗濯洗剤 Body Soapボディーソープ Toilet Paperトイレットペーパー … Read more