Rescue Japan staff went to the Yunuki Temporary housing community in Soma city in Fukushima November 23, to host a cook-out event for the residence there. RJ volunteers prepared Yakitori and veggie shish-kabobs, and showed the residences a new dish they had not ad before… grilled fajitas. RJ volunteers topped off the evening by preparing waffles with fruit and ice cream toppings and children got involved at designing their own desserts.

The volunteer staff returned to Tokyo safely on the evening of Monday November 24, 2014.


Breakfast in Soma

Event Details:
Thanksgiving Food-Share Cook-out event
November 23, 2014 12:00 – 16:00

Leaving Tokyo November 22, 2014

Yunuki Temporary Housing Community

福島県相馬市柚木字石橋 246, 応急仮設住宅 14-5

Fukushima, Soma City Yuzuki Ishibashi 246,
Temporary housing 14-5

Onsite Contact:
飯塚 弘望 (Hiromi Iizuka)