Annual Thanksgiving Cook Out Event











The Rescue Japan team is planning another cook-out event November 29th in Iberaki prefecture to benefit the victims of the latest earthquake incident who lost their homes recently. The event will be held in Joso city. Rescue Japan is working with a local volunteer group Juntos to make arrangements. This project is funded 100% by Rescue Japan thanks to annual fundraising efforts here in Tokyo.

More on this event will be posted soon.


FR112915 – FIELD REPORTS:  Rescue Japan will be leaving Tokyo Sunday November 29, 2015 at approximately 9am to Iberaki Prefecture, Joho City, at the following address:

〒303-0034 茨城県常総市水海道天満町4684 常総市生涯学習センター

There the staff will setup, prepare and distribute a cooked lunch to about 100 to 200 people who will join the Takadashi event.  The event will take place starting at 12:30pm and continuing until 4pm that afternoon. Four members of Rescue Japan will participate on site and 1 to 2 local volunteers will come to help.

For more information about this event or field operations regarding Rescue Japan (or if you want to help out in Joho city this Saturday 11am to 2pm) please contact the organization at the following link: