Earth Day Market Rescue Japan is supporting the Earth Day Market program spearheaded by Fukutobiren who sells products made in Fukushima to Tokyo residents and sends the profits back to merchants in Fukushima. This program is designed to stimulate the economy in Fukushima. Links: Fukutobiren (福飛連)   We were contacted by a member of … Read more

UPDATE 072211

いわき市、グローバルミッションセンターへの物資搬送。 こちらでは震災および原発による避難者で、周辺のアパート、借り上げアパートに居住している平均50-60世帯に物資支援を行っています。「支援カフェ」をオープンすることで物資配布をしっかり管理、さらに被災者の悩み相談の窓口にもなっています オムツ(合計20箱)トイレットペーパー、ティッシュ、洗濯洗剤、台所洗剤、お水、お米、パウダーミルクなどを提供しました Fukushima Pre, Iwaki City – Global Mission Centre They support 50-60 families who evacuated from radiation area and are staying government/private housing nearby. They open ‘Aid Cafe’ to manage the supplies distribution and also counsel the victims We delivered Baby Nappies (20 Boxes), Toilet paper, Tissuepaper, Washing Detergent, Water, Rice, Powdered Milk … Read more